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Resource Center

The Hebrew Foundation Resource Center has a host of books, DVDs and learning materials that will enhance your current library as you continue to grow and learn.

YouTube Channel

Need to learn how to live according to Torah, then our You Tube Channel is definitely there for you.

Hebrew Blog

Keep track of what is going on in the natural and spiritual world.

Cepher Bible

Very Nice Bible with restore name of Yahuah and Yahusha.  Use Coupon “LIVINGBRANCH” for a 10% discount.

Witnessing Team

Request free Bookmarkers and become apart of our Bookmarker Witnessing Team.

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If you would like to help us in our cause if consider donating.


If you would like to help us in our cause if consider donating.

Partners in Yahuah

Having teaching and music that you can trust is so important.  That being said these are our partners in teaching and music.


Other websites that are key partners in the Journey to the Truth of Yahuah!

Finding teaching and music that you can trust can be a task.  That is why we are partnered with LIKE MINDED people to bring you a host of music and learning.  With everyone so divided it is good to see brothers and sisters come together.  So we present to you three TRUSTED websites that you can visit with confidence and know that you will get music and teaching according to Scriptures.

Living Branch Hebrew Assembly has been around since 2010 teaching and training the Lost Sheep of the House of Yashra’al.  Many start to learn Torah but it is hard to navigate and that is where Living Branch comes in.  The teachings will give you a sense of direction and encourage you to live everyday of your life for Adonai Yahuah.



The Path To Yahuah has been a trusted name for many years.  The excellent and indepth teaching will provide learning that will nourish your soul and bring stability to your life if you are willing to follow.  So get on the PATH with The Path To Yahuah.

Looking for Set Apart Music well you can find the music at Set Apart Heart.  With three album already devoted to Yahuah you will find the Music at Set Apart Heart will touch your soul.  Find the music that Yahuah dwells in at Set Apart Heart.

Living Branch Hebrew Assembly

Seeking and teaching the Lost Sheep of the House of Yashra’al (Israel).

The Path To Yahuah

The purpose of “The Path To Yahuah” is to promote the truth of Yahuah.

Set Apart Music

Get music & motivation for your spiritual journey from the latest Set Apart Heart Blog.

Market Place

Whether you are looking for book, clothes or headwear you can check out the links here.

Market Place

Check out these various market places.

New Believers START HERE


Having a sure Foundation is going to be key to your sucess or failure in this walk. The book Basics of Torah – The Tree of Life will help you navigate and understand so of the language in the Scriptures.

This second book will help you build your foundation even farther.

Join Us Restoring the Name of YAHUAH

The name of YAHUAH is experiencing great esteem as we all join forces to proclaim His Name that was destroy and polluted.  Visit and becoming a part of the effort.  All esteem and honor the the GADOL (Great) Name of YAHUAH.

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